Taking a break in 2016

February 11, 2016

After eleven successful Photomarathons in twelve years we’ve decided that it’s time to take another little break. Our apologies for any disappointment this might cause, but after seven consecutive summers, we just need some time to step back, recharge the batteries and think a little about the journey we’re on with the event, and the direction we’re heading in.

A few things we’ll be doing during our year off.

1. Technology is changing all around us, and we’d like Photomarathon to be able to do more to keep up with it. Much as when we made the move from film to digital we need some time to think about where a more digital existence might take us. We’d be interested to hear your ideas too!

2. Many of you will be aware that we had to move our exhibition last year from the Old Library as undergoes a major refurbishment. The first floor exhibition space is being converted to a cafe, so will no longer be available for large scale community exhibitions. As you can imagine, it’s was quite a challenge to find a suitable space to host the exhibition of over 5000 images. While we were able to relocate last year, it did add to the costs of staging the event, so we need to have time to think about how best we do this in the future.

3. Closer to home one of our organisers – Betina – has recently opened a new business (Brød – Danish Bakery and Coffee Shop) in Cardiff. Having brought Photomarathon to Cardiff from Copenhagen, this is the second bit of Danish culture she’s introduced to the city. The business has got off to a great start, but like any new business it is taking up a large part of her and Mathew’s attention and will continue to do so across the rest of this year. It has to take priority, hence another reason for the break in 2016. You are, of course, most welcome to pop in to sample Cardiff’s finest Danish pastries any time.

4. And finally, as an entirely volunteer led event – the demands on the time of our small team across the summer months is considerable. We’ve decided that we’d like to see a little more of the summer this year and use to time to refresh for future adventures.

So, we’ll miss seeing you this year, but keep taking pictures and we look forward to catching up again soon.

All the best

Mathew, Betina, Simon & Caroline